Social Media Management


Your customers are constantly checking their Social Media pages

We all know this is true in the modern world, the question is will your business be seen and, if so, what impression are you giving to your customers?

At Basehound Media we can create your main Social Media pages for you and then design and post quality photos and professional messages to make sure you create the right impression every time.
Should you decide to advertise more to increase your reach, we can also help you create a Social Media paid for advertising programme where you can target your ideal customer demographic.
All for a low, fixed monthly fee!!


The importance of Social Media in business

Social Media has become a major integral part of marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes, but is particularly important for small business.
Not having a huge advertising budget, like the big companies have, can be seen as a disadvantage, but correct use of Social Media can help balance the scales without having to break the bank.

Media advertising on TV, radio, glossy magazines or even printing 5000 leaflets can work out extremely expensive and is still only a one way communication allowing you to showcase your business but not gather feedback information without using separate survey methods.
With Social Media your business enjoys the benefit of two way communications where you can answer customer queries directly and, more importantly, immediately!!
Another major advantage from Social Media Marketing is the post analytics some platforms provide, this allows you to gauge how well your post is working.

What can Social Media do for your business?

The correct use of Social Media Marketing in small business can be a great tool for increasing revenue, vitally important to any business but this is only one advantage.

Posting varied and interesting content, which is relevant to your target audience, can do wonders for your brand awareness and a distinct advantage of Social Media is the multiplication effect on your post when it is shared by members with other members.
This can be seen as 'word of mouth' recommendation, which, as we all know, is the best way to do business.


The two way communication most platforms provide can allow a business to develop a unique relationship with their customers which cannot be equalled by any other form of, it happens in real time enabling the business to negotiate the sale immediately.

Are you making the most of Social Media in your business?
Send us an email using the button at the bottom of this page to see how we can help your business grow!!


With millions of websites fighting everyday for the attention of your customers, your business really needs something sharp and up to date in order to cut through the fog.
We can help you look great online.


Statistics show that email marketing is still one of the best ways to get your message across to your audience, so your business needs to look at it’s best in every contact it has with potential and existing customers.


It all starts with a graphic!!
As human beings we are very visual and attracted to bright, stunning images.
From your leaflets to your branding we'll help you create the right image.

Next Steps...

If you'd like to inquire further, please send an email initially explaining where you need assistance. I promise I'll get back to you as soon as I can.